Remote Access & Point of Sale Systems: 8 Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

1 Aug , 2017 Articles

Remote Access & Point of Sale Systems: 8 Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

Reap the benefits and avoid the risks! Read this article and discover the 8 most important tips you need to know about remote access and point of sale systems!

Over the years, the POS environment has significantly increased – from traditional cash registers to more flexible, convenient, and always-on multipurpose systems. These new modern systems bring a better technical complexity for the merchant and retail storefronts.

The merchants and retailers today utilize high-speed connections with Point of Sale terminals that link to the main server, providing the corporate office with information and details on customer purchases and their shopping habits. Running a business and operating on high-speed connectivity also brings a new level of productivity and efficiency to the payment industry.

Just imagine the convenience of being able to access your Point of Sale system from anywhere can be convenient and pretty appealing. It will save you time, effort, and money,

However, the advantages provided by remote management software may also pose a risk to the security of your user payment card information. There is a possibility of attackers to gain access to these tools as well, usually by cracking weak passwords to avoid security measures and advance all across your network.

So, what you should do? We are going to present you helpful tips to educate your employees on data security. Here is what you should do and what you should avoid:

What You Should Do

  • If remote connectivity is required, enable it during the time needed for work
  • Utilize effective network segmentation and separate security cameras and WI-FI from your POS environment.
  • Work with your service providers to make sure your POS system is configured safely and securely
  • Consider risk assessments, security testing, and two-factor authentication to determine weaknesses

What You Shouldn’t Do

  • Don’t use your Point of Sale system to surf the internet or check your emails
  • Don’t share credentials for logging into the POS system
  • Don’t use your remote access to check your security cameras
  • Don’t leave your POS system or your remote access enabled after you are done with work. If you leave your remote success enabled you will leave an open window for cybercriminals and hackers to access your system

Use these tips and you will manage to keep your Point of Sale system safe from hackers.