The Best 6 Point of Sale Systems or POS Systems for Your Small Business

1 Aug , 2017 Articles

The Best 6 Point of Sale Systems or POS Systems for Your Small Business

Here are the best 6 Point of Sale systems or POS systems for your small business, including POS solutions for restaurants, retail stores, and etc.

It is crucial for small businesses to select the right POS system, which ensures payments are made securely and quickly and streamline the whole sales process. The Point of Sale system can also make your small business appear more legitimate and professional which is really important for startups or businesses that are just starting out.

With a variety of POS systems and software available, how to select the right system for your small business?

Here is a list of the best POS systems available:

  1. Brilliant POS This system allows business to replace the traditional cash registers with a modern stand-alone terminal, a barcode scanner, and a receipt printer.
  2. Vend This is probably one of the most popular POS systems. It is strictly dedicated to making is easy and simple for retailers to sell to their clients. Vend lets businesses choose the best and most convenient way to accept payments such as credit, debit, and gift cards.
  3. Banq With this POS system you can deliver improved customer experienced and streamline the check-out process. Some of the modern features included in the system are the ability to create purchase orders, a built-in CRM, multi-language options, being able to track and control gift card balances, and purchase ordering and stock transfers.
  4. Revel Revel comes with various features and tool to help simplify business processes such as analytics, QuickBooks integration, payroll management and appointment scheduling. The standard Revel Point of Sale terminal includes a payment device, an iPad, router, POS stand, POS printer, WI-FI access point, and a secure cash drawer.
  5. ShopKeep This is a POS system specially designed for restaurant, retail, bar, quick server, and franchises. This system can be used for inventory management, payment processing, transactions, staff management, customer marketing, reporting and analytics, and much more.
  6. Square Up This is a POs system that is created to grow as your business grows. It is a powerful platform that allows businesses to make digital receipts, payments, inventory, open tickets, reports, and much more. It is designed for every type of business.

Rely on one of these popular POS systems and watch your business move to the next level!